Breca wanaka

Sunday 18th March 2018

Experience New Zealand’s original swimrun adventure.

When we came to New Zealand, we were looking for a place that encapsulated the swimrun ethos: wild, exploratory, removed from artificial surfaces and structures; a setting where the challenges of the natural landscape would be central to the experience. We found that place in Wanaka.

This is a race that will challenge you on many levels. The trails are technical. The waters are deep and cold. The distances are extreme. But you’ll also get to experience one of the finest landscapes in the world like never before.

This is the swimrun experience, and it’s impossible to find anywhere else.

"One of the best events I've ever done"

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Sunday 18th March 2018


Breca Wanaka - Run: 42km | Swim: 8km | Transitions: 18 | Total: 50km
Course Map | Route Card | Topo Map

Breca Wanaka Sprint - Run: 15km | Swim: 3.5km | Transitions: 8 | Total length: 18km
Course Map | Route Card


Swimrun is raced in pairs - entry is for teams of two only

Breca Wanaka

Early Bird 1: $332.50 per person
Early Bird 2: $355 per person
Early Bird 3: $377.50 per person
Full Price: $400 per person

Breca Wanaka Sprint

Early Bird 1: $230 per person
Early Bird 2: $245 per person
Early Bird 3: $260 per person
Full Price: $275 per person

The entry fee includes:

  • event swimrun vest
  • swim cap
  • finishers' t-shirts
  • finishers' medals
  • Prizes
  • race timing
  • race nutrition and hydration
  • free event photography


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Teams & results


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2017 Race and start/finish line photography


Being part of the Breca Wanaka Event Team is rewarding and fun. If you can commit to a full day of volunteering you will receive a t-shirt, lunch and free entry to a Breca Swimrun race the following year. Click here to find out more.


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