FRIDAY 8th september

17:30 - 19:00 Registration, kit inspections at L'Horizon Hotel, St Brelade
19:00 Safety Brief at L'Horizon Hotel, St Brelade


08:10 Athletes' Bus from St Aubin, pick up point opposite Sacred Heart Church
08:30 Athletes' Bus from St Helier, pick up point opposite The Pomme d'Or
08:50 Athletes' Bus drop off at Mont Orgueil Castle
09:20 Teams fully assembled at the start line
09:30 Breca Jersey and Breca Jersey Sprint Race start
13:40 Breca Jersey Sprint finish
14:10 Transport from Bonne Nuit Bay to The Portelet Inn
19:30 Breca Jersey finish at The Portelet Inn
19:40 Prize giving at The Portelet Inn
20:00 Bus one from The Portelet Inn to Gorey (drop offs in St Brelade, St Aubin, St Helier, Gorey)
22:00 Bus two from The Portelet Inn to Gorey (drop offs in St Brelade, St Aubin, St Helier, Gorey)


getting there


Condor Ferries provide ferry trips to Jersey from Portsmouth (conventional ferry), Poole (fast ferry) and Guernsey (fast ferry). You can board their ferries either as a foot passenger or with a vehicle. The Condor Ferry Terminal is in St Helier.


You can fly to Jersey from all over the UK with Flybe, British Airways, EasyJet and Blue Islands. 

Getting to and from the airport

Jersey airport is well served by public transport. Bus number 15 will take you from the airport to St. Helier via St. Aubin. You will find the bus stops outside the Arrivals Terminal exit.

If you would prefer to travel by taxi, you will find a rank adjacent to the Arrivals Hall. Public taxis are metered, and you should expect to pay around £12 for a taxi to St Helier.

If you would prefer to see the island independently, then you may want to consider car hire.


Jersey operates a parking pay card system. Pay cards can be bought from many places, including garages, newsagents, local shops, supermarkets and post offices.

Pay cards come in different unit denominations. Each unit denotes an hour, e.g. to pay for one hour of parking use a one unit card.

For a comprehensive guide to the pay card system visit the Jersey Government website here.


There are a wide variety of accommodation options on the island. Click here for a list of the registered accommodation; alternatively, Visit Jersey offer a free online booking service here.

REGISTRATION and safety brief

Registration and the Safety Brief take place on Friday 8th September at L'Horizon Hotel in St Brelade.

Registration takes place between 17:30 and 19:00. Please ensure you have photo identification and the Mandatory Equipment (as listed in the Rules). Teams will be issued with their race vests and swim caps during registration.

The Safety Brief takes place at 19:00 and will last one hour.

getting to the race start

The race starts at 09:30 at Mont Orgueil Castle. Teams must be assembled at the top of the castle by 09:20 at the latest to avoid missing the start. It takes five minutes to walk from the entrance to the top, so ensure you arrive with enough time to get up there.

Teams that miss the start will not be allowed to race.

Athletes' Bus

We have booked a bus from St Brelade to Mont Orgueil Castle on Saturday 9th September. You must reserve a place on the bus or you will not be allowed on board. We are offering this as a free service as part of your registration. But we need to know the numbers to ensure there is sufficient capacity on board.

The bus departs from The Crab Shack in St Brelade at 07:50, The Sacred Heart in St Aubin at 08:10 and The Pomme d'Or in St Helier at 08:30. The bus will arrive at Mont Orgueil Castle at 08:50.

Book your place on the bus below. You will see credit card fields at checkout, leave these blank and click "Submit" to complete the order. It isn't possible to disable these fields at this time.

Athletes' Bus

Liberty Bus

Alternatively, Jersey is well served by Liberty Bus, the public bus service. Bus journeys cost £2 per trip. The Liberty Bus Journey Planner is an excellent resource for exploring available options. Note: there are limited buses to Mont Orgueil Castle on Saturday morning so plan ahead.


There is no parking directly outside the castle. Instead, the nearest car park is at Gorey Harbour; the castle can be reached from the car park by walking up La Petite Ruelle Muchie walkway at the end of the row of shops and houses, by the main junction. Parking is quite limited in Gorey Harbour and vehicles cannot be left there all day as the car park is subject to parking restrictions.

Please do not park cars on the road between the castle and Anne Port as this will obstruct the teams.

drop bags

Drop bags for the Sprint and Endurance races will be collected at Mont Orgueil Castle. They will be taken from there to the respective race finishes. We recommend a change of clothes, shoes and a towel so that you can join us at the post-race social.


The Breca Jersey Endurance and Sprint courses begin at 09:30 on Saturday 9th September at Mont Orgueil Castle. Teams should be fully assembled at the start line by 09:20 to avoid missing the beginning of the race.

The Sprint finish is at at Bonne Nuit Bay. Sprint Finishers will be able to collect their drop bags and change. At 14:10 teams will be taken by bus to The Portelet Inn for showers, a light meal and the post-race social.

The Endurance finish is at The Portelet Inn. Endurance finishers will be able to collect their drop bags, shower and change. Endurance Finishers will be served a light meal. The Portelet Inn is also the location of the post-race social. 


The finish and post-race social take place at The Portelet Inn. We have booked two buses from the Portelet Inn to Gorey, with drop offs in St Aubin and St Helier. Bus one leaves at 20:00, bus two at 22:00. Participants who miss either of these buses must arrange their own transport. Please note the bus is for competitors only.

breca jersey Aid stations & cut offs

There are seven fully-stocked aid stations on the course. The aid stations are shown on the Course Map, and we have listed the distances, locations and cut off times below. We chose a 09:30 start for both races so that the tides and currents on the north of the island work in the favour of the swim stages; likewise the race must be completed by 19:30, to avoid the last swim would have to be completed in the dark.

START: Mont Orgueil Castle | 09:30
Aid station 1: Fliquet | 5.1km from start | 10:50 cut off
Aid station 2: Bouley Bay | 12.2km from start | 12:00 cut off
Aid station 3: Fremont Point | 18.7km from start | 13:45 cut off
Aid station 4: Jersey Rifle Association | 26.6km from start | 15:00 cut off
Aid station 5: Grosnez Castle | 33.8km from start | 16:10 cut off
Aid station 6: Les Mielles | 40.7km from start | 17:15 cut off
Aid station 7: Beauport | 48.1km from start | 18:20 cut off
FINISH: Portelet Inn | 53.3km from start | 19:30 cut off

breca jersey sprint aid stations and cut offs

There are three fully-stocked aid stations on the course. The aid stations are shown on the Course Map, and we have listed the distances, locations and cut off times below.

START: Mont Orgueil Castle | 09:30
Aid station 1: Fliquet | 5.1km from start | 10:50 cut off
Aid station 2: Bouley Bay | 12.2km from start | 12:00 cut off
FINISH: Fremont Point | 18.7km from start | 13:45 cut off


The aid stations will supply:

- GU gels
- Orange segments
- Bananas (cut in half)
- Water
- Flat coke
- Savoury biscuits


The course will be fully waymarked. Swim transitions will be manned by volunteers wearing high-visibility jackets. The transition volunteers will direct teams to the next stage of the course.

Prize giving

Prize Giving will take place at 19:40 at The Portelet Inn.


The party will be held at The Portelet Inn. All participants, volunteers, safety teams and supporters are invited to join us there after the race.