09:30 Breca Jersey start at Mont Orgueil Castle
09:37 First team expected at swim 1: Anne Port beach to Archirondel beach
09:55 First team expected at swim 2: Route de St Catherine to St Catherine's breakwater
10:16 First team expected at swim 3: Le Couperon to Rozel Harbour
10:53 First team expected at swim 4: Bouley Bay harbour to Hardtack beach
11:28 First team expected at swim 5: Giffard Bay to Bonne Nuit harbour
11:44 First Breca Jersey Sprint team expected to finish
13:40 Sprint race finish
12:56 First team expected at swim 6: Octopus Pools to Greve de Lecq
15:14 First team expected at swim 7: Bouilly Port to La Cotte de St. Brelade
15:39 First team expected at swim 8: Fishermans' Platform to Portelet beach
15:48 First Breca Jersey Endurance team expected to finish
19:30 Endurance race finish
15:48 - 23:00 Breca Jersey party at the Portelet Inn

What is swimrun?

Swimrun is an endurance sport in which pairs of competitors run and swim across multiple cross-country stages and open water, wearing wetsuits and trainers throughout. There are two editions of the 2016 Breca Jersey race: Breca Jersey Endurance and Breca Jersey Sprint.

Endurance: Course Length 52km | Run 45.8km | Swim 6.2km | Transitions 16 | Elevation 993m
Sprint: Course Length 17.5km | Run 13.4km | Swim 4.1km | Transitions 10 | Elevation 430m

Swimrun started in Sweden as a drinking competition. Two teams challenged each other to run and swim 75km over 26 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The rules of the contest were simple: the last team had to drink and pay for the rounds at the bars lining the route.

From these beginnings the sport of swimrun was born. It's now one of the fastest growing endurance sports in the world. It attracts the world's best adventure racers, triathletes, runners and swimmers.


Race Start - Mont Orgueil castle

The race will begin at 09:30. The castle will open to spectators from 09:00 onwards, there is no charge for entry.

There is no parking directly outside the castle. Instead, the nearest car park is at Gorey Harbour; the castle can be reached from the car park by walking up La Petite Ruelle Muchie walkway at the end of the row of shops and houses, by the main junction. Parking is quite limited in Gorey Harbour and vehicles cannot be left there all day as the car park is subject to parking restrictions.

The race begins on the top level of Mont Orgueil castle. The athletes run down the steps, exit the castle and turn right towards Anne Port. Please leave the castle once the teams have left.

Sprint Finish - Bonne Nuit harbour

The first sprint team is expected to finish at Bonne Nuit at 11:44

Parking is limited at Bonne Nuit harbour. Please do not drive down to the harbour; instead, park on Les Charrieres de Bonne Nuit and walk down. Teams competing in the Endurance category will be running up the Les Charrieres de Bonne Nuit so make sure you give them plenty of space. 

Endurance Finish - Portelet Inn

The first endurance team is expected to finish at the Portelet Inn at 15:48.

There is lots of parking at the Portelet Inn in the pub car park and overspill car park. The finish is best viewed from the tables outside the pub on the eastern side. Alternatively, from Portelet beach you can watch the teams complete their final swim, but be aware the beach is only accessible via a series of steep steps.

post-race party

The party will be held at The Portelet Inn. All participants, volunteers, safety teams and supporters are invited to join us there after the race.