Imagine a sport that takes you to beautiful, wild places; over craggy hilltops, through mountain tarns, along rugged coastlines and across glittering lakes. Now picture doing all of that with friend by your side - two trailblazers together in the world of endurance sport.

Welcome to Breca, a series of extreme SWIMRUN adventure events. Join us to swimrun in some of the most challenging landscapes in the UK and New Zealand. 

Watch the video to find out what Breca Swimruns are all about.

New to Swimrun?

Welcome! As a Breca Swimrunner, you will take part in ultimate endurance challenges through incredible landscapes carefully selected to fulfil your desire for adventure, a break from the norm and for paths less trodden.

The three key things to know about swimrun are:

  1. You switch between swimming and running many times during the race
  2. You participate in pairs, making it a team event
  3. You swim in your trainers and run in your wetsuit – there are no gear changes

Want to find out more? Watch our Beginner’s Guide, check out our Training Tips or ask questions on our Swimrun Forum.

ready to explore breca's swimrun destinations?

Breca Swimrun organises a series of six events, each unique in location and challenge.

Choose between sea and lake swims, mountain and coastal trail runs, UK and New Zealand, and full and sprint distances – safe in the knowledge that whichever Breca Swimrun you pick, you will experience a world class course and adventure packed day.

Have a question about our races?

Post it in our Swimrun Forum and one of the team or a fellow member will get back to you. Or feel free to contact us directly.


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Series Partners

We are really excited to be working with these awesome brands across the Breca Swimrun Series. We have other pioneering partners for individual races too.


If you or your company would you like to get involved in Breca’s pioneering swimrun journey, please do get in contact.