Breca Árainn Mhór

Breca Árainn Mhór is Ireland's first swimrun race across Árainn Mhór and The Rosses in Donegal. The race has incredible ocean swims around the archipelago; with distances varying form 100 sprints to 1.3km island crossings, the number of transitions and the technical entries & exits will present you with a unique test.

There are two editions of the 2016 event: Endurance and Sprint


Course length: 54km | Run: 45km | Swim: 9km | Stages: 45


Course length: 18km | Run: 12km | Swim: 3.6km | Stages: 23

Join us for on 20th August 2016 to stake your claim with posterity as one of the intrepid pioneers of Breca Árainn Mhór. As the first edition, we’re limiting entries this year to just 100 teams of two.