Registration and the Race Briefs will take place at Keswick School in Keswick. 


16:00 - 19:00 Registration, kit inspections, biosecurity check
19:00 Race brief 


16:00 - 19:30 Registration, kit inspections, biosecurity check
19:30 Race brief 



07:20 Breca Buttermere bag drop opens at Crow Park, Keswick. Board athletes’ coaches.
07:45 Final boarding for athletes' coaches from Crow Park, Keswick, to Breca Buttermere start
08:50 Breca Buttermere teams fully assembled at start
09:00 Breca Buttermere start
14:40 First competitors at Breca Buttermere finish


08:50 Buttermere Sprint bag drop opens at Crow Park, Keswick. Board athletes’ coaches.
09:15 Final boarding for athletes' coaches from Crow Park, Keswick to Buttermere Sprint start
10:20 Buttermere Sprint teams fully assembled at start
10:30 Buttermere Sprint start
12:30 First competitors at Buttermere Sprint finish. Drop bags will be at finish.
13:30, 14:30 (Optional) athletes’ coaches from Buttermere Sprint finish to Crow Park, Keswick


19:00 Prize Giving at Crow Park, Keswick


IMPORTANT: the event logistics are different from last year! The event base will be in Keswick, not Buttermere


Car: The Lake District typically is between five and six hours from London by car, two hours from York and one and a half hours from Manchester. For Keswick, exit the M6 at Junction 40 (A66).

Public transport: Most journeys will require changing at Penrith for an onward bus to Keswick. Stagecoach operates an hourly service from Penrith. You can plan your journey using the National Rail website in conjunction with the useful Cumbria Council Journey Planning Tool

Plane: the nearest airports are Manchester and Glasgow.


We suggest that you book accommodation in Keswick as this is where the event base will be. The bag drop, race finish and post-race party will be in Crow Park, Keswick. Crow Park is within easy walking distance of the town centre.

July is a busy time in the Lake District so accommodation will be in demand. Please book early to avoid disappointment. 

There are several websites to assist you in finding local accommodation in Keswick, including the following:
Go Lakes
Keswick Plus


Registration will take place between 16:00 and 19:00 for the full course and 19:30 for the sprint course on Friday 28th July at Keswick School, a 15-20 minute walk from town. There is limited parking at the school, or you can park at the Crosthwaite Road car park, a 10 minute walk.

Please register with your partner.

What to Bring: Every competitor must present:

  • Photo identification
  • Whistle
  • Reusable cup – read about our pioneering “cup free” race sustainability initiative
  • Wetsuit and Trainers - we are completely committed to preserving the pristine landscapes we use. You must present your wetsuits AND trainers CLEAN and DRY for the biosecurity check. If they are not CLEAN - this includes the soles of your shoes - and DRY you will have to wash them.

If you do not bring these items with you, you will have to go and get them. You will not be allowed to register without them.

You will be issued with your race vests and swim caps during registration.


The Race Briefs will be held on Friday 28th July at Keswick School (see parking information above). You MUST attend the Race Brief, where we will give you vital information about the course and race logistics.

Note that there are two race briefs: Breca Buttermere at 19:00 and Buttermere Sprint at 19:30. The hall is not big enough to accommodate more people so please do not attempt to attend the earlier briefing if you are a Sprint competitor. 


Teams will be driven by coach from Crow Park, Keswick to the race starts of both distance races. See the schedule for boarding times.

If possible, please leave your car at your accommodation or in public car parks in Keswick and walk to Crow Park. If the field is dry we will have parking spaces on Crow Park for a £5 fee. There is a public car park next to Crow Park (Lakeside car park), but it will be busy and we would like to minimise disruption to other lake and Theatre by the Lake users, so this is not recommended.

The actual race start areas are restricted spaces with NO parking capacity and narrow roads. Please DO NOT plan to arrive or be dropped off at the start by car; you must use the coach.



The Breca Buttermere finish will be at Crow Park, Keswick. We will have a social zone set up with food available to purchase, music and a bar. There will be showers provided so that you can change and stay to relax and cheer teams over the finish line.


The Buttermere Sprint finish will be at the lakeshore near Hassness, Buttermere. There will be coaches to take Sprint competitors back to Crow Park, Keswick (see schedule).

If you plan to be collected by car, please note that there is no parking in the field or adjacent road. The nearest public parking is in Buttermere village or at Gatesgarth. Please DO NOT enter the Hassness House driveway as the finish area is not accessible from there.


You may leave a drop bag at Crow Park before you board the coach. Please do not leave valuables in your bags; there will be event staff in the area but bags will not be attended at all times and you leave them at your own risk.

We will take Sprint competitor bags to the Buttermere Sprint finish line where there will be a simple changing facility.


We use cut off times to make sure that everyone completes the race safely and before dark. Cut offs are also critical for our safety plan for boats and the medical team. Consequently, cut off times will be strictly enforced. If you miss a cut off and continue to race you will be disqualified from this and all future Breca Swimrun events.

Cut off times are enforced at checkpoints. Times are listed below.

checkpoints AND NUTRITION


There are five checkpoints on the Breca Buttermere course, viewable on the Course Map:

Checkpoint 1:

  • Crummock Water Pump House | 7.5km from start | 10:35 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | oranges | sweets

Checkpoint 2:

  • Rannerdale Knots | 13.2km from start | 11:55 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | bananas | sweets | TRIBE Blaze Trails Bars

Checkpoint 3:

  • Buttermere Dubs | 20.5km from start | 13:25 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | oranges | TRIBE Blaze Trails Bars

Checkpoint 4:

  • Hassness | 25.8km from start | 14:35 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | bananas | GU gels | Kendal Mint Cake | boiled new potatoes | hot tea

Checkpoint 5:

  • Manesty Woods | 37.9km from start | 17:20 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | oranges | flapjack/cake | boiled new potatoes


  • Crow Park | 43km from start | 19:30 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | hot soup


There are two checkpoints on the Buttermere Sprint course, viewable on the Course Map:

Checkpoint 1:

  • Rannerdale Knots | 5.7km from start | 12:20 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | bananas | sweets | TRIBE Blaze Trails Bars

Checkpoint 2:

  • Buttermere Dubs | 13.1km from start | 13:50 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | oranges | TRIBE Blaze Trails Bars


  • Hassness | 15.8km from start | 14:30 cut off
  • Hydration (water, electrolyte) | bananas
  • From the finish you will be taken by bus to Crow Park where there will be hot soup available for the competitors 


The courses are fully marked.