Breca Gower route card

Important notice for Breca Gower competitors:

Do not attempt attempt to train the swim to Worm's Head. There is a real risk to life if the route is used at the wrong time due to the dangerous currents and tidal flows in this area. During the race we will have safety cover present and have timed the swim to take place at the safest time. 

An incident involving a competitor training at this location would jeopardise the race being permitted. Any competitor who is found to have practised this swim will be eliminated from Breca Gower 2017 and all future Breca Swimrun events.

Location Run Distance (km) Swim Distance (km) Cumulative Distance (km) Checkpoints
Race start - Hill End
Rhossili 4.8 4.8 CP1 - 4.4km from start
Worms Head 0.4 5.2
Tears Point 3.9 9.1
Mewslade 0.8 9.9
Port Eynon 8.2 18.1 CP2 - 13km from start
Horton 0.7 18.8 CP3 - 18.9km from start
Oxwich Point 5.1 23.8
Oxwich Beach 1.1 24.9
Great Tor 2.6 27.5 CP4 - 25km from start
Three Cliffs Bay 0.6 28.1
Brandy Cove 8.0 36.1 CP5 - 31km from start
Caswell Bay 0.9 37.0 CP6 - 37.1km from start
Snaple Point 1.9 38.9
Langland Bay 0.5 39.4
Coastguard Station Point 2.4 41.8
Bracelet Bay 0.2 42.0
Mumbles Pier 0.5 42.5