Breca gower

Next event: 7-8th July 2018
Location: Near Swansea, Wales

Experience Wales' iconic Gower peninsula like never before. Race against the tide to swim onto the dragon-like Worm's Head promontory before exploring limestone cliffs, ancient woodlands, white sand beaches and secret bays. Trail running on Gower's spectacular and challenging coastal path and multiple ocean swims will make Breca Gower a true swimrun test and an unforgettable experience.

In 2018 for the first time we will be offering two distances:

Breca Gower

Date: 8th July 2018 | Run: 37km | Swim: 5km | Transitions: 18 | Total: 42km | Total Ascent: 1,000m
Course Map | Route Card | Elevation Profile

  • Estimated completion time: 5.5-9 hours
  • Terrain: sections of technical, off-trail running; rock-hopping; steps; steep slopes 
  • Swimming: technical transitions, ocean swims, high likelihood of swell
  • Difficulty: hard. To complete this race you need a high level of fitness and should be comfortable swimming in the ocean

Breca Gower Sprint

Date: 7th July 2018 | Run: 17.8km | Swim: 2.2km | Transitions: 8 | Total: 20km | Total Ascent: 560m
Course Map | Route Card | Elevation Profile

  • Estimated completion time: 2-3.5 hours
  • Terrain: trail, steps, steep slopes
  • Swimming: technical transitions,ocean swims, high likelihood of swell
  • Difficulty: medium. To complete this race you need a medium to high level of fitness and should be comfortable swimming in the ocean

Register for the Breca Gower swimruns.


7th July 2018 - Breca Gower Sprint
8th July 2018 - Breca Gower


Swimrun is raced in pairs - entry is for teams of two only

Breca Gower - £200 per person
Breca Gower Sprint - £135 per person

The entry fee includes:

  • swim cap
  • finishers' t-shirts
  • finishers' medals
  • prizes
  • race timing
  • transport to the start
  • race nutrition and hydration
  • free event photography


Schedule and full information on registration, race timings, checkpoints and nutrition.

Mandatory kit

Each team must have:

  • Two wetsuits suitable for temperatures of 10°c
  • Two whistles
  • Breca Gower: two reusable flasks | Breca Gower Sprint: two reusable cups or flasks - any kind will be accepted, as long as they are genuinely reusable

Teams may also use tow ropes, paddles, pull buoys and fins (no longer than 15cm, measured from the toe), but they are not mandatory.

Teams & results



Being part of the Breca Gower Event Team is rewarding and fun. If you can commit to a full day of volunteering you will receive a t-shirt, lunch and free entry to a Breca Swimrun race the following year. Click here to find out more.


Supporters are more than welcome to attend the event and we hope to see you especially at the finish line and the post-race social.

We ask that you observe the following advice:

Please use designated public car parks and don’t park on private property or roadsides.

You can watch the race all along the course from the coastal path. The beaches and bays at Rhossili, Port Eynon, Oxwich, Langland and Caswell are particularly accessible with public car parks and cafes. To access Three Cliffs Bay we recommend parking at Three Cliffs Bay Holiday Park where they operate a ticketed parking field, and walking from there.

Download the Breca Gower Spectator Guide