18:00 - 19:00 Registration and kit inspections Rocco Room, Radisson Blu Hotel, St Helier
19:00 Race brief at Radisson Blu Hotel, St Helier

Registration and briefing will both take place in the Rocco Room at the Radisson Blu Hotel, St Helier. Parking is available on a first come first served basis in the hotel car park, or in the large Jardin De La Mare public car park which is approximately 2 minutes walk from the hotel. Alternatively, the main bus station (Liberation Station) is around 10 minutes walk from the hotel.


06:45 – 07:15 Competitor coach pick-ups in St Brelade, St Aubin, St Helier*
07:30 Bag drop opens at Gorey Castle Green
07:50 Teams fully assembled at the start line
08:00 Breca Jersey and Breca Jersey Sprint Race start at Gorey Castle Green
10:30 First competitors at Breca Jersey Sprint finish at The Farm House, St John's Village
11:30 + 13:00 Competitor coach from Sprint finish to The Portelet Inn
14:30 First competitors at Breca Jersey finish at The Portelet Inn

*If you require coach transportation to the race start, please fill in this form to confirm your pick up. More information below.



The Getting Here section on the Visit Jersey website is an excellent resource for exploring the available options.


Jersey is less than 1 hour from UK airports. You can fly to Jersey from all over the UK with Flybe, British Airways, EasyJet and Blue Islands. 

Jersey airport is well served by public transport. Bus number 15 goes from the airport, in the west, to St. Helier via St. Aubin.

You should expect to pay around £12 for a taxi to St Helier from the airport.


Condor Ferries provide ferry trips to Jersey from Portsmouth (conventional ferry), Poole (fast ferry) and Guernsey (fast ferry). You can board either as a foot passenger or with a vehicle. The Condor Ferry Terminal is in St Helier.


If you would prefer to see the island independently, bring your car on a ferry (see above), or, car hire is a great option.

Jersey operates a parking pay card system. Pay cards can be bought from many places, including garages, newsagents, local shops, supermarkets and post offices. For a comprehensive guide to the pay card system visit the Jersey Government website here.

Pay cards come in different unit denominations. Each unit denotes an hour, e.g. to pay for one hour of parking use a one-unit card.


There are a wide variety of accommodation options on the island. Click here for a list of the registered accommodation; alternatively, Visit Jersey offer a search facility here.


Registration is on Friday 6th September from 18:00 at Radisson Blu Hotel, St Helier.

Please register with your partner and BRING YOUR MANDATORY KIT. If you do not bring these items with you, you will have to go and get them. You will not be allowed to register without them.

What to Bring: Every competitor must present:

  • Photo identification

  • Whistle

  • Reusable cup or flask – read about our pioneering “cup free” race sustainability initiative. We will accept any type but it must be reasonably robust.

  • Wetsuit.

You will be issued with your race vests and swim caps during registration. 

You MUST attend the race brief, where we will give you vital information about the course and race logistics. The brief takes place at 19:00 after registration, and will last one hour.

Getting to the RACE START

Both races start at 08:00 at Mont Orgueil Castle at Gorey. Teams must be assembled on the green outside the castle by 07:50 at the latest. You will not be allowed to race if you miss the start.

NOTE: please arrive at the start changed and ready to race. There are no changing facilities at the start and you will not be allowed to enter the castle to change.

We recommend that you use the complimentary competitor coach service that we are providing to transport teams to Mont Orgueil Castle. You must reserve a place on the coach or you will not be allowed on board. Although it is a free service included in your race entry, we need to know numbers to ensure sufficient capacity and to confirm the required stops.

Competitor coach pick-ups are:

06:45 St Brelade, pick up point opposite L'Horizon
06:55 St Aubin at the Sacred Heart Church 
07:15 St Helier at The Pomme d'Or 

Arrive at Mont Orgueil Castle at 07:35.

Book your place on the competitor coach here.

NOTE: please board the coach changed and ready to race. There are no changing facilities at the start and you will not be allowed to enter the castle to change.

Alternatively, Jersey is well served by Liberty Bus, the public bus service. Bus journeys cost £2 per trip. The Liberty Bus Journey Planner is an excellent resource for exploring available options. Note: there are limited buses to Mont Orgueil Castle on Saturday morning so plan ahead.

We do not recommend arriving by car. There is no parking directly outside the castle. The nearest car park is at Gorey Harbour; walk up La Petite Ruelle Muchie walkway at the end of the row of shops and houses, by the main junction, to the castle. Parking is quite limited in Gorey Harbour and vehicles cannot be left there all day as the car park is subject to parking restrictions.

Please do not park cars on the road outside or north of the castle, as this will obstruct the race.


We recommend a change of clothes, shoes, money and a towel so that you can join us at the post-race social. Note: there will be event staff in the area but bags will not be attended at all times and you leave them at your own risk. 

RACE FINISH and post-race social

Breca Jersey Sprint: The finish is at The Farm House, St John's Village. Sprint finishers will be able to collect their drop bags and change. At 11:30 and 13:00, teams will be taken by bus to The Portelet Inn for soup and the post-race social and prize giving.

Breca Jersey: The finish is at The Portelet Inn. Race finishers will be able to collect their drop bags, change and receive a cup of soup. 

The post-race social and prize giving is at the Portelet Inn. All participants, volunteers, safety teams and supporters are invited to join us there for the evening.


The public bus service runs hourly all evening from Portelet Bay to St Helier, via St Aubin (connect to St Brelade).

There are plenty of taxi companies operating on Jersey, but we recommend booking at least 48 hours ahead as Saturday evening is a busy time and availability can be an issue.


We use cut off times to make sure that everyone completes the race safely and before dark. Cut offs are also critical for our safety plan for boats and the medical team. Consequently, cut off times will be strictly enforced. If you miss a cut off and continue to race you will be disqualified from this and all future Breca Swimrun events.

Cut off times are enforced at checkpoints and at swim entries. Checkpoint cut offs are listed below.


There are seven fully-stocked checkpoints on the full distance course. The first two are also on the sprint distance course. Locations are viewable on the Course Map

Start: Mont Orgueil Castle | 08:00
Hydration (water)

Checkpoint 1 (full and sprint distance): Fliquet | 4.7km | 10:00 cut off
Hydration (water and electrolyte) | Oranges | Jelly Babies

Checkpoint 2 (full and sprint distance): Bouley Bay | 11.8km | 11:15 cut off
Hydration (water, electrolyte) | Bananas | Powerbar bars | Jaffa Cakes

Checkpoint 3 (full distance: located at sprint race finish): La Saline car park | 19.4km| 13:35 cut off
Hydration (water, electrolyte) | Jelly Babies | Oranges | New potatoes

Checkpoint 4: Jersey Rifle Association | 26.2km | 14:30 cut off
Hydration (water, electrolyte) | Jelly Babies | Bananas | Powerbar bars | Jaffa Cakes

Checkpoint 5: Grosnez Castle | 33.4km | 15:55 cut off
Hydration (water and electrolyte) | Oranges | Powerbar Gels | New potatoes

Checkpoint 6: Le Port beach steps | 40.5km| 17:05 cut off
Hydration (water, electrolyte) | Jelly Babies | Bananas | Powerbar bars | Jaffa Cakes

Checkpoint 7: Beauport | 47.7km | 18:00 cut off
Hydration (water, electrolyte) | Jelly Babies | Oranges | New potatoes

Finish: Portelet Inn | 53km | 19:45 cut off
Hydration (water, electrolyte) | hot food


The course will be fully marked. Swim transitions and checkpoints will be staffed by volunteers. You do not need a map unless you wish to carry one.


Supporters are more than welcome to attend the event and we hope to see you especially at the finish lines and the post-race socials.

We have produced a Spectator Guide that you can download and print.

We ask that you observe the following advice:

  • Please do not accompany competitors to the race registration and briefing. The venue is not big enough.

  • Please use designated public car parks and DO NOT park on roadsides around the course, or on private property.

final checklist

Have you:

  • Booked your accommodation?

  • Booked your competitor coach pick up for the start?

  • Read the instructions on what to bring to registration?

  • Read the advice about getting from the race finish, and – optionally - booked a place on the on-demand coach service?

  • Made a note of the critical timings for registration, briefings and race start?

  • Passed on the spectator information to your supporters who plan to watch the race?