In the UK and New Zealand, one race per year will be designated as the ‘Breca National Championship’. The winning teams in the Full and Sprint distance races in each category will be crowned the Breca National Champions. The venue for the Championship will change each year.

Breca National Rankings

The Breca National Rankings is our scoring system for teams competing across the Breca series each year. There will be separate ranking systems for the UK and New Zealand. Points are accumulated over the calendar year and teams will be automatically placed in the Breca Rankings on completion of one or more races. After the final race of the calendar year, performances will be calculated to rank Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams over the Sprint and Full distances. Extra points will be awarded for competing in the Breca National Championship race.

Points awarding summary

The points from your team’s performances in a calendar year are totaled. In the UK, the scores across your top three races are included; in New Zealand, two are included.

The maximum amount of points available per race is 2,000 which will be awarded to the first finishing team in each category. The points available will then decline at a rate of 20 per minute for Sprint courses and 10 per minute for Full courses until a “points floor” of 400 is reached.  All finishing teams will earn a minimum of 400 points.

Competitors can earn extra by points by competing in their Breca National Championship race.  Points will be multiplied by 1.5, with 3000 points available for winners and 600 points awarded to all finishers.

Breca National Rankings
Distance Sprint Full Full Course National Championship Sprint National Championship
Maximum Points 2,000 2,000 3,000 3,000
Point Decline Rate 20 per minute 10 per minute 15 per minute 30 per minute
Minimum Points 400 400 600 600


1. Each team may substitute one athlete per calendar year
2. Substitutions are fixed to your category. I.e. you cannot switch between a Men’s, Women’s or Mixed team
3. Substitution requests must be sent to with the reason for the substitution
4. Sprint and Full course distance Breca National Rankings are separate competitions
5. Points are non-transferrable across Sprint and Full distance races
6. For UK competitors a 30% discount is available for teams entering their third event. All three events must be in the same category and distance to be entitled to the discount. Email for the promo code