Breca Wanaka Spectator guide

Please refer to the Course Map for the swim locations.

Spectators can access the courses in several places - here are a few suggestions:

Please don't try and view the race starts - there is limited parking at the start locations and coaches will need access. 

The Breca Wanaka swimrun can be seen from the following locations:

1) The Clutha Outlet campsite, at the end of the Outlet Road, is a great area to watch the competitors begin the first swim across the river. Competitors are expected here from 08:10-08:20.

2) Alternatively, drive around to Dublin Bay, from where you can either walk to the north end of the Clutha Outlet near Dean's Bank to see the first swim (08:10-08:20), or watch the swimmers cross Dublin Bay on the second swim (08:30-09:10). If you walk to the outlet, please be aware that the competitors will be running along the track so please don't get in their way! 

3) After the second swim at Dublin Bay, the entire course on the eastern side of the lake is on PRIVATE land, and there is no access for spectators. You should head around to the west side of the lake, to the following suggested viewing places:

4) If you fancy a long (beautiful!) walk, you could walk the Minaret Burn track from West Wanaka to Colquhoun's beach, which is where the swimmers will exit the longest and toughest swim of the course, between 11:20-13:40. Please note that this is at least 6km walk each way and there is no vehicle access. From the beach, you will be able to see the swimmers crossing the lake but the actual exit transition area is on a reserve and is not accessible to spectators. The Minaret Burn track is also part of the course. 

5) Glendhu Bay: from this scenic campsite and public access reserve you can view the swimmers crossing the bay to the north (not very close), between 12:40-16:50, or you could walk along the footpath to Damper Bay (5-6km each way) which is where the next swim will take place between 13:20-17:20. From the footpath you will also get a better view of the Glendhu Bay swim than you will from the campsite. The section of course on Buchanan's Rise is on PRIVATE land, there is no access for spectators.

6) Follow the lakeside trail from Edgewater Resort (the finish venue) to watch the competitors on the final swims to and from Ruby Island (14:00-19:10), or simply cheer them on the last leg running to the finish. 

The Wanaka Sprint competitors can be viewed from positions 5 and 6 described above.