1. How do I choose a race?

Each one of our races is a new adventure: an opportunity to explore some of the wildest, most beautiful corners of the world. One unique aspect of the sport is that there are no set distances for each leg; this allows for total freedom when designing a course: it enables us to exhibit the very best trail, scenery and transitions that each location has to offer. Consequently, each race has its own idiosyncratic features and challenges: no two are alike. So, if you are new to swimrun, we recommend that you pick a course that plays to your strengths; otherwise, you just need to decide where you want your next Breca Swimrun adventure to be.

2. Do I need a teammate or is there a solo option?

All of our swimruns are completed in pairs, we do not offer a solo option. Whilst this is one of the unique and enjoyable features of the sport, there is also a practical reason for this stipulation: participant safety. The transitions take place in open water and are often technical – on rocks and other slippery surfaces - so it is important to have a friend on hand, should you get into difficulties.

3. Do teammates have to stay together for the duration of the race?

Teams of two must stay together at all times and must remain less than 10m apart. It is permissible to use a tow system – an elastic tow line to rope yourself and your partner together during swim sections – however, they are not mandatory.

4. Can I switch teammates?

Changes can happen for any number of reasons: teams may have to split due to injury or a change in availability. Consequently, we allow a change of one team member prior to race day. Please send a request in writing to the Breca Swimrun team, including the details of the new teammate as well as their racing experience, and we will update the entrants list.

5. I want to race but I don’t have anyone to partner with, can you help find me a teammate?

We know that finding a partner can be tough, and although we strongly recommend sourcing a partner on your own, this isn’t always possible. Therefore, we have launched a Partners Channel in our Forum to help with the process. Aim to partner with someone who matches your own level of fitness. Training is the key to these events, so finding someone with whom you can synchronise training schedules will improve your chances of success.

6. Do I really swim in my shoes and run in my wetsuit?

During a swimrun event you never change your kit: you swim in your trainers and run in your wetsuit. This is a challenge in itself, as wet trainers increase your drag in the water and running in a wetsuit can lead to overheating. Swimrunners have found many creative solutions to these problems, including using pull buoys, hand paddles and cutting up their wetsuits. Today, you can buy pre-cut wetsuits with a host of swimrun specific features, such as the Swim-Run from our series partner Orca.

7. What equipment do I need?

Each team will need the following mandatory equipment: two pairs of goggles, two wetsuits, two whistles and a system for carrying the mandatory equipment. Breca Swimrun will provide each team with two Breca racing vests and swim caps. Hand paddles, pull buoys and tow systems are permissible; however, they are not mandatory.

8. How do transitions work?

Teams must arrive at each transition as a pair. When approaching a swim leg, ensure that your wetsuit is fully zipped up, your shoes are tightly fastened, and that you are wearing your race vest and swim cap. When finishing a swim, exit the water together, assisting each other as required. Teamwork is particularly important on technical, rocky transitions.

9. What should I eat and drink during the race?

The key is to keep your energy levels high, which means ensuring that you have a plan in place for race day. High energy foods and drink will be available at the checkpoint locations, as well as a pasta party the night before the race. It can be beneficial to incorporate high energy foods into your diet in the lead-up to race-day, but we recommend consulting your doctor before any major changes.

10. What nutrition is supplied at race checkpoints?

Each checkpoint will be fully stocked with water, flat coke, GU energy gels, sandwiches, cakes and bananas; we will provide salt tablets at the final checkpoints.

11. Can I withdraw from a race, or switch from one race to another?

You should inform the Breca Swimrun team immediately and in writing to should you need to withdraw from a race. Withdrawals up to 8 weeks prior to race day are eligible for a 70% refund. Withdrawals after that time will not be refunded for any reason as all costs will have been incurred by that stage and your team will not be replaced. There are no deferrals or transfers to alternative or later events.

12. Where can I find a breakdown of the runs and swims in a race?

All information pertaining to the courses can be found under the ‘Course’ link for the race. We provide a course map that shows the route and the location of the checkpoints, the elevation profile and a route card detailing the transitions and the distance of each leg.

If you have any other questions please contact the Breca Swimrun team here