There are a mere 36 days to go until the inaugural Breca Jersey!

I spent 10 days recently with Hannah, the Breca Swimrun Operations Manager, on the island testing the routes and fine tuning the course. The Breca Jersey Sprint and Endurance are going to be truly amazing swimrun races - stunning swims and trail, and the topography and tides are going to present a fascinating challenge. But don't take our word for it, check out the event Flickr gallery here.

The registration deadline is almost upon us. You have until Wednesday 24th August to sign up, so if you would like to take part please click here.

Course Update

wim 1: Anne Port to Archirondel beach
Swim 4: Bouley Bay to Hardtack Beach (below the SBS memorial)
Swim 6: Octopus Pools to Greve de Lecq
Endurance Finish: The Portelet Inn

We changed the first swim to a beach entry into the water (rather than a technical entry) to avoid crowding as teams will be bunched due to the close proximity to the start. The other swims were altered to improve either the entry or the exit.

The changes are reflected on the Course MapsEndurance Route Card and Sprint Route Card. The total distances for each event are as follows:

Endurance: Course Length 52km | Run 45.8km | Swim 6.2km | Transitions 16 | Elevation 993m
Sprint: Course Length 17.5km | Run 13.4km | Swim 4.1km | Transitions 10 | Elevation 430m

In addition, we have finalised the locations of the checkpoints (five on the endurance course, one on the sprint) as well as the cut off times for each checkpoint. These are listed on the logistics page.

We chose a 09:30 start for both races so that the tides and currents on the north of the island work in favour of the swim stages; likewise the race must be completed by 19:30, otherwise the last swim would have to be completed in the dark.

Logistics and Volunteering

We have finalised the event logistics. Please visit the logistics page and familiarise yourselves with the schedule before your arrival on Jersey.

Finally, we have a few marshal places left to fill, so if any of you have friends or family who would like to be involved please direct them to our volunteers’ page here. They get to see the course and it’s a great way to support the event, plus they’ll receive a t-shirt and a free entry to a 2017 race.


I look forward to seeing you all in September!

Race Director, Breca Swimrun