2017 was a huge year for Breca Swimrun. We launched three new races, growing from two events in 2016 to five globally. Amongst these was a landmark: Breca Wanaka was the first swimrun race in New Zealand, held in one of the iconic global venues for endurance sport - and this was just the beginning of our southern hemisphere adventures, as next year will see the first edition of Breca Bay of Islands, our second New Zealand race.

We’ve learnt a great deal over the last twelve months, and correspondingly have made some changes that will be reflected in our 2018 series -

Mandatory Equipment

We’ve removed the requirement to carry a map and compass. Unless you are proficient at taking a bearing and determining your location using resection, a map and compass are going to be of little use. The courses are marked and marshalled so you do not need to navigate.

Likewise, you will no longer be required to carry a bandage. Applying a bandage is a specialised skill and not something most people can do effectively; least of all with cold, wet hands at transition. This is better carried out by our professional, on course medical team.

Swimrun Vests

We are no longer going to give away swimrun vests at each race, as our post-race surveys show that only a small proportion of them will be worn again. Instead, the vests will be reused at future races in line with our commitment to reduce waste and hold low-impact, environmentally friendly events.

Breca Swimrun Sprint Series

We’ve added sprint races to all our UK events to help more people discover this wonderful sport. Races will be held over a weekend, with the sprint course on the Saturday and the full distance course on the Sunday. The exception is Jersey where they will be held on the same day.

UK Races Entry Fee Increase

We've had to increase the entry fees for 2018. The largest component of the price increase is VAT, which previously had not been charged:

Full distance races: £200 per person (£400 per team of two)
Sprint distance races: £135 per person (£270 per team of two)

Armed Forces Discount

Serving members of the Armed Forces (UK or otherwise) will qualify for a 10% discount on the entry fee at all Breca Swimrun races in 2018. If you are currently serving, contact ben@brecaswimrun.com for the details.

Thank You

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you that have taken part – the teams, the volunteers and our event staff. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and sharing the experience of exploring our wonderful locations. 2017 was an amazing year, and we can’t wait to see what the next one brings. See you in 2018.

All the best,