To choose a swimrun is to choose a challenge, adventure and holiday. Travelling, preparing and the post-race celebration are all part of the fun wrapped around participating, for you, your teammate and your friends and family who come to support. It’s an active weekend break full of fresh air and stunning views for all involved.

Breca’s swimrun locations are chosen specially for you to get the most out of your weekend and put your training to the test. With Coniston, Gower, Buttermere and Jersey you have a collector’s list of the best short breaks in the UK. Think of the event as sightseeing for the adventurous. Wild, rugged, rural holiday destinations in the UK for the endurance fanatic. And if a weekend race in the UK isn’t enough, you can use our March and April events in New Zealand to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Our swimrun event in July takes place around the coastline of the breathtaking Gower Peninsula – the UK’s first location to be denoted an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s a great place to spend the weekend, hiking, surfing or swimrunning. Here are our top pick of places to visit and things to do in Gower:


A cosy interior for the rainy days and a big grassy area outside for the sunny days.  

An Italian owned seafood restaurant overlooking Langland Bay. Great seafood platters, modern décor and friendly service

After walking the Worm’s Head, head to the bistro for brunch, coffee and cake looking back along Rhossili Bay.  You’ll pass nearby a few kilometres after setting off from the startline in Hillend.

Relaxed beach café serving hikers and surfers. Can be busy there but it’s spacious so order at the counter and relax. Breca Swimrun starts near here so no doubt you’ll pop in for the pre-race loo visit. A nice place for startline spectators to congregate…the egg and sausage sandwiches are something special!

A community café with a wholesome feel to it, it’s the best place to grab a coffee and read the paper in The Mumbles. Head here the morning after the swimrun to unwind and recharge.

A traditional pub with the option of restaurant dining (reservation recommended) or a la carte menu in the bar area (no reservation required).

Local coffee shop with delicious homemade cakes and snacks and a little shop attached. 

For spectators and participants the day after

  • Walk along the coastal trail from Hillend (the startline) to Rhossili. If participants want to do it on the Sunday in a more relaxed fashion, it may seem different when you’re not running in a wetsuit.
  • Rhossili and Llangenith is an open expanse of sand and surf that overlooks The Worm’s Head to the left as you’re looking out to sea. Towards The Worm’s Head end of the beach, marked on Google Maps, you’ll spot bits of wood poking out of the sand (depending on the tide) of the 1887 Helvetia shipwreck.
  • Oxwich Bay is a great point to watch the swimrunners come into shore…and to swim yourself as well.
  • Hike or trail run the Wales Coast Path. Obviously swimrun participants will be doing this naturally. Spectators can take on their own little stretch to see a bit of the action, or the participants can relive their favourite stretch to them on the Sunday. Everything looks different when you’re not in a wetsuit and trainers!
  • Surf at Llangenith. If you want surf lessons, you can organise from the beach – at the bottom of the car park there is usually a surf van set up ready – do contact them ahead of time to enquire. If you are a strong enough surfer and just want to rent gear, you’ll need to head to PJ’s Surf Shop in Llangenith itself, and transport the rented gear down to the beach.
  • Standup paddleboard with The SUP Hut in Swansea offers lessons and sells gear so head down to hear about standup paddleboarding from the expert. 
  • Kite Surf in Swansea with Gower Kite Riders to find out more depending on your level of experience.
  • Swimrun the coastline with Breca Swimrun. An awesome way to experience the ruggedness of the coast. Push yourself to try the ultimate endurance event taking on the coast from Hillend to The Mumbles all in one go, from the water and on the trails. Gower is certainly one of the top destinations for endurance races. 

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