By any measure Breca Wanaka 2017 exceeded our expectations: both the outstanding performances throughout the field and the warmth and generosity of the local community and the volunteers who supported the event.

This was an historic race - the beginning the swimrun movement in New Zealand - in one of the most spectacular locations in the world. The line up of athletes was befitting of the occasion: amongst the field were multisport stars, professional triathletes and top-end amateur athletes; it included teams from New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Argentina, South Africa, Great Britain, the United States of America, Malta and Hungary.

Wanaka was always going to provide a stunning backdrop for the race, but the weather brought out the best of the landscape, offering moody overcast skies in the morning and brilliant sunshine to round off the day. The energy and enthusiasm at the finish has left me in no doubt that swimrun has a bright future in New Zealand.

There were outstanding results in all categories and distances. Mike Phillips and Nick Rennie of team Philliberry led the field throughout the race, finishing in 5 hours and 55 minutes – a course record that will be hard to beat. Sam Clark and Bonnie Van Wilgenburg’s experience of European swimrun races shone through as they claimed 1st place in the Mixed category and 2nd overall. Fiona Crombie and Julia Grant of team Tri Survive put in a stunning performance to both win the Women’s category and finish 4th overall, completing 1 hour and 37 minutes ahead of the next placed Women’s team.

Braden Currie and Courtney Atkinson of Team Red Bull dominated the Breca Wanaka Sprint, finishing well clear of the rest of the field in a time of 2 hours and 3 minutes. Kate Sheddon and Greta Truscott of Australian team Rejoov-a-Shed won the Women’s category – a fantastic result for the Australian pair. Nick Croft and Jessica Fleming were the first Mixed pair and came 2nd overall, an amazing performance in a competitive field.

A huge thank you to our sponsors: Pure Sports Nutrition, Orca, B.Effect and Say Yes to Adventure. Thanks too to the team at Edgewater Hotel for hosting us so well at the finish.

To view the full results click here: Breca Wanaka 2017 Results

We look forward to seeing you back in Wanaka in March 2018.

All the best,


Breca Wanaka


1st: Philliberry, Mike Phillips and Nick Rennie, 05:55
2nd: The Remarkables, Paul Preston and Adam Wilson, 06:45
3rd: Jekel and Hyde, Brett Tingay and Matt Ingram, 06:58


1st: Tri Survive, Fiona Crombie and Julia Grant, 06:50
2nd: A+, Aroha Hyland and Alex Nichol, 08:27
3rd: We Got This, Rachel O’Connell and Gwen Hendry, 09:27


1st: Team TBC, Sam Clark and Bonnie Van Wilgenburg, 06:24
2nd: North Harbour Tri, Peter Kadar and Rebecca Clarke, 07:19
3rd: Shan’s Team, Scott Molina and Shannon Proffit, 07:40

Breca Wanaka Sprint


1st: Team Red Bull, Braden Currie and Courtney Atkinson, 02:03
2nd: Azerbaijan Pro Tour, Ian Graham and Chris Keogh, 02:37
3rd: SBR, Kris Milne and Matt Randall, 02:44


1st: Rejoov-a-Shed, Kate Sheddon and Greta Truscott, 02:49
2nd: Taranaki Terror, Melanie Hansen and Leah Barnfield, 03:03
3rd: Kat & Sal, Katarina Nicholson and Sally Currie, 03:07


1st: Multi Sport Consultants, Nick Croft and Jessica Fleming, 02:33
2nd: Smillie Haddocks, Rosie Haddock and Ian Smillie, 02:47
3rd: Swim Reapers, Anna McConville and Lewis Wright, 02:48