Breca Jersey 2017 was an exceptionally tough race. Although the high winds of the preceding days had abated somewhat, there was sufficient swell left in the water to push the teams to their limits.

The course has swimming stages on three sides of the island, and the sea state on each can vary dramatically. And so it was this year, as the benign waters on the first few swims rapidly gave way to swell, currents and churning eddies.

This is where the team aspect of swimrun came to the fore – the teams had to work together to find the right line on the swims and pick their way over the technical, rocky transitions. So challenging were the conditions that athletes that raced both years found themselves 40 minutes behind their previous times.

This is not to belie the challenges also presented by the coastal path. It’s no exaggeration to say that the trails on Jersey are world class: they encompass rolling hills, steep climbs, technical descents and fast clifftop stages.  Around each corner is a stunning new view of the island, the sea, of crumbling castles and Martello forts - it’s hard but rewarding running.

It was inspiring to see everyone adapting and working together to tackle the course – congratulations to you all, what an amazing achievement.

I’d like to thank the brilliant Breca Jersey volunteer team for their hard work and good humour, they provided fantastic support for the athletes throughout the course. I’d also like to thank the water safety team who performed their job exceptionally in challenging conditions. We’re very grateful for the support of our series partner Orca, and the team at Visit Jersey for helping make the event happen. Finally, thanks to the Portelet Inn for hosting the finish and post-race party.

Jersey is a spectacular swimrun destination and a special place for us; we can’t wait to return in 2018.

Breca Jersey 2017 Gallery

Breca Jersey Results


1st: Horny Nutella – Nick Thorne & Richard Tanguy, 07:23
2nd: Chris and Dave – Dave Howell & Chris Bell, 07:50
3rd: Ren & Stimpy – Jonathan Haworth & Chris Ashton, 08:39


1st: Team LJ – Jenny Fitzgerald & Lisa Howley, 09:27
2nd: Waverunners – Rose Leith & Gabriella Dillon, 10:10


1st: Old Man and the Jock – Peter Haworth & Alisa Macfie Main, 09:47
2nd: The Water Babies – Robert Kenning & Jude Harford, 10:10

Download the full Breca Jersey results, including the checkpoint splits.

Breca Jersey Sprint Results


1st: Scott & Andy – Andrew Ruddy & Scott Doherty, 03:40
2nd: Coalition of Chaos – Simon Griffiths & Ian Jones, 03:43
3rd: The Jamaican Urchins – Nicolas Riviere & Guennolé de Trogoff, 03:45


1st: The Two Suzies of the Apocalypse – Suzy Cole & Suzanna Crane, 04:05
2nd: Down from London – Claire Pepper & Natalia Eddy, 04:13
3rd: Joannies Round 2! – Jo Pickering & Annie Pickering, 04:20


1st: Lord & Lady: Rachel Hales & Steven Lord, 03:47
2nd: Rock Lobsters: Frankie White & Andy Crane, 04:17
3rd: Jumping Llamas: Jade Wright & Chris Goldsack, 04:28

Download the full Breca Jersey Sprint results, including the checkpoint splits.