The Loch Gu Loch swimrun was conceived in early 2015 by the three masterminds behind the now famous (infamous?!) Celtman Xtreme Triathlon.

One of the trio, who at this point lived in Sweden, had been aware for some time of the growth of the crazy Scandinavian sport of Swimrun, brought the possibility to the table of creating an iconic race in Scotland with the hope of attracting some of the Swedish audience.

It was agreed that this made sense and while the traditional races, in particular the original ÖTILLÖ, were Island-to-Island races, the nature of the Scottish landscape meant turning this on it’s head and running the race Loch Gu Loch (Scottish Gaelic for Lake to Lake).

Scotland is an incredible country with endless possibilities for race venues, all as stunning as the next. But it was felt they needed to use a location with international appeal and what better place than the deep, dark and legend has it, bottomless, Loch Ness. Home to the monster and unique in that the temperature remains fairly constant throughout the year (cold!) it made the ideal home for their vision.

A course was designed taking in many inland lochs of various qualities including a hydro supply loch which is filled regularly from the depths of Loch Ness and therefore can be utterly freezing. So was born a difficult, beautiful and incredibly challenging race.

Many nationalities attended the first race in Autumn 2015 (including the Vikings) and Loch Gu Loch was established.

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