Swimrun races are two-person team events.  If you’re coming into swimrun from triathlon or running, then this adds a new dimension to your race.  You’ll need to be close to your race partner through the entire race; we’ve seen this rule enforced, with teams who continually drift apart (mainly on the swim) taken out of the race.  It’s about racing safely – but also racing at the team’s speed, across swim and run legs.

Here are 5 tips to make you and your swimrun partner go faster, and most of all, to enjoy the race together:

1.     Discuss the race plan with your partner before the race starts

Talk through your race objectives and then work back to assess what pace you want to be running and swimming.  Are you both talking about the same speeds? What are your goals for the race?  If one team member has a different race plan than the other it’s better to know this before the start gun rather than finding out whilst racing.

2.     Communicate with each other throughout the race

You’ve got your race plan – but keep chatting to your partner during the race.  Watch out for each other, keep talking and help each other through the inevitable low points.  This is simple stuff but invaluable.  And many racers [triathletes] won’t have raced as part of a team, so it might not come naturally.

3.     Don’t be afraid to change the plan during the race

If one team member is struggling, then adjust the plan. Use a tether / rope to help you. The Breca Gower is a very testing course.  Technical running and tough swim conditions due to the waves and tide, so respect the race conditions and keep communicating.

4.     It’s a team event, so practice together

The great thing about swimrun is racing as a team.  Make sure you do some training sessions together to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses – and train in full race kit/ equipment.

The Breca Gower is the ultimate in sea-based swimrun.  The waves and tides will make this a very hard effort race, so practise between you to find what works (and what doesn’t.) 

5.     Hydration

Breca were the first swimrun organisers to introduce reusable cups to prevent the wastage of single-use paper cups at each energy station.  This is now being repeated across other swimruns, such as OtillO.  Take this seriously, as remaining hydrated is extremely important.  Not only will you be racing for between 5.5 – 8 hours, but running in your wetsuit (and possibly a neoprene under vest) will mean you can over heat very quickly. Use water and electrolytes to stay hydrated.

As with last year, the Breca Gower promises to be a stunning race.  In swimrun, you get out what you put in.  By working with your race partner you’ll make the event so much more enjoyable.


Ben and Rhian Martin are now ranked Number One in the OtillO World Series world ranking.  Follow them at on Twitter @BenRhianSwimRun and on Instagram at benrhian_swimrun.  We race for Team Precision Hydration.

As well as The Sweat Experts as Precision Hydration we’d like to thank The Drummond Clinic for their expert physio and Zone3 wetsuits and race kit.  We’re fuelled by Clif throughout our training and racing.  We truly value the entire team behind us.

For bespoke swimrun training sessions contact rhian@rhianmartinfitness.com